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Protox the Natural Alternative to Botox Injections Treatment
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"Protox™ 10 is the clinically proven alternative to Botox, proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to 50% in just 30 days."

The following is for educational purposes only: 

How does Protox™ work as an alternative to Botox?

This is a complicated process, but put simply, both Protox and Botulinum Toxin treatments such as Botox work on the muscle groups in the face that are responsible for making facial expressions, such as laughing, smiling, frowning etc. These muscle groups constantly crease or wrinkle the facial skin as they tense, and smooth it out again as they relax. This is fine when we are young when muscles (and skin) are supple and able to relax sufficiently to smooth out wrinkles completely. But as we age  both skin and muscles lose tone and are less able to relax and smooth out and so wrinkle formation increases and becomes more set and permanent as the years fly by. Both Protox™ and Botulinum Toxin treatments such as Botox act on these muscle groups, but in similar but different ways.

Botulinum Toxin treatments such as Botox™ 

These work by injecting a toxic nerve agent called Botulinum Toxin directly into the facial muscles, forcing them to relax and paralyzing them in place. This action smoothes out the wrinkle formations, but effectively paralyzes those parts of the face. Because of the extremely dangerous toxic nature of Botulinum Toxin (it's a toxic nerve agent and highly poisonous), this type of treatment has to be administered by a medical professional in clinical conditions. As a result it's a very expensive form of anti wrinkle treatment compared to Protox.

Protox™ is a natural, safe, 'Non Toxic' Alternative to Botox

Protox is a natural patented formula that does not paralyse the muscles. Protox™ is a soothing protein rich gel containing only natural ingredients and is administered at home in the same way as a normal face cream.  The active ingredient in Protox is Argireline Hexapeptide-3 which works by safely inhibiting the release of  the neuro-transmitter (Acetylcholine (Ach)),  which initiates the facial muscles to contract. This has the effect of gently causing the facial muscles under the application area to painlessly relax, gently smoothing out wrinkles and lines. Protox™ is a completely natural and safe anti wrinkle formula, that used on a regular basis can not only assist in softening and smoothing out existing wrinkles, but helps prevent new wrinkle formation.

Protox 10 is clinically proven to be the most effective of the Botox™ Alternatives available today - UP TO 70% MORE EFFECTIVE! as can be seen from the chart below:

The above chart is based on clinical trials using Protox 10, but Protox 20 is even more powerful than Protox 10 - In fact it's twice as powerful....

 Protox™ 10  - ORIGINAL FORMULA is recommended for less wrinkled & younger skin types (typically up to age 40) - as a Botox maintenance or a Botox Alternative.

Protox™ 20 - DOUBLE STRENGTH FORMULA  - for more mature skin types and deeper wrinkles - as a Botox extender or an alternative to Botox injections.

Only the patented formula in Protox™ contains the unique blend of super-concentrated Argireline,  Sodium Hyaluronate and Seaweed Extract that causes wrinkles to melt away, while hydrating and moisturising the skin and it's available to buy online here!  

ProTox - Anti Aging Facial Skin Care - (Gel Cream)

Protox 10  "Regular Strength" - for younger facial skin types with moderate lines and wrinkles.

Both Protox 10 and Protox 20 can be used as a replacement for, or to extend the life of Botox™ treatments. Protox Botox Alternatives, Better Than

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For An Advanced Explanation of How Protox™ Works: Click Here

For Protox 20 Botox Alternative Information Click Here

Protox Botox Alternative formula is presented in an airless delivery system, guaranteeing maximum potency of the powerful ingredients, right to the last drop. 

Protox alternative to Botox is formulated in a government-regulated facility , using only the finest, pharmaceutical-grade processes, materials & ingredients, to the same formula used in the Clinical Trials. This ensures you have the best chance of repeating the trial results on your own facial skin.